Introducing Vaxine

By James Arthur on 19 January 2022

Vaxine is a rich-CRDT database for mainstream backend applications, initially targeting Elixir/Phoenix. It provides low-latency geo-distribution, conflict-free collaboration, a relational data model and “standard” database constraints.

Introductory presentation

See the following introductory presentation about Vaxine (edit: last updated on 28th March 2022 for the RainbowFS workshop):

Introductory presentation about Vaxine.

More information

If you have any questions about Vaxine, please feel free to ask on our Discord. Our community page has details on how to join.

Introducing Rich-CRDTs

By Valter Balegas on 03 May 2022

Rich-CRDTs are conflict-free data types (“CRDTs”) extended to provide additional (“Rich”) database guarantees. These guarantees, such as constraints and referential integrity, make building applications under eventual consistency much simpler.

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